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Video Overview Packages

Clearance Recruitment Center (CRC) Everything below is included with an annual sponsorship in the CRC

A fully interactive virtual career fair environment that never closes. Your booth can be accessible 24/7/365 and includes everything the veteran should know about your company when considering their next career.

  • Fully branded booth
  • Links to your website and career page
  • Live chat
  • Offline messaging
  • Email alerts with resumes (when you are offline)
  • Company video
  • Social media
  • Host a dedicated virtual career fair for your company
  • Participation in multi-company virtual career fairs
  • Daily job scrape of your career site

Virtual Career Fairs

  • Participate with other companies
  • Customized virtual booth
  • Free training
  • Live chat
  • Social media integration
  • Links to website and career page
  • Detailed attendee report after each career fair (including resumes)
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Single Company Virtual Career Fairs

  • Dedicated virtual career fair for your company
  • We will market an event based on your available jobs and locations
  • Can be location specific, job specific, or all jobs
  • Detailed attendee report after the virtual career fair (including resumes)
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